The Art of Happiness

The art of being happy is to appreciate the things that we already have. This means that we are aware of these things and perceive them with mindfulness. This mindfulness in perception will help us to get in touch deeply with the treasures of the present moment. In this way, all these treasures turn into countless reasons for us to be happy. And when the conditions for our happiness are no longer available to us, we don‘t feel any regret because we have already savored and enjoyed the happiness in them.

When we come back to ourselves and observe ourselves, we will see that our mind is always running after its confusing ideas in the future. Doing that, it misses all the beauties that are a reality right here and now. We often recognize our true treasures only when we‘ve already lost them again. It is really a pity if we only learn to understand and appreciate the things when they‘ve already passed by. We should practice to appreciate the simple and usual things that are available right here and now.

If our father and mother, our grandfather and grandmother are still alive, we can be happy about that. If our children are still living with us, if they haven‘t left home yet to study in another city and to live their own life, that can be a source of happiness for us. During the time our children play pleasurably and create a lot of noise, we often feel distracted and exhausted by them. But when we bring to mind that our children are healthy and able to frolic, the joy will naturally come up in our hearts.

Every day we practice to come back to the present moment and to ourselves, we are present and awake, we recognize and appreciate the things that we are currently having. In this way, we will for sure experience a lot of joy and happiness.

In gratitude for every moment,

We discover the ultimate happiness.

With an alert mind, in touch with life

We are dwelling in the Here and Now.

- Thay Phap Nhat

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